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First Friday’s: April Edition!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Nice to be back! During the month of March, I decided to take a short break from a few things and I’m glad I did. It’s majorly important to take stock every once in a while and see what needs to happen so that you can find some sort of balance. And now, as life has “balanced” out as much as possible, I am so excited to come back to the writing that replenishes me. Now, let us take a flashback to the month of March! Time for TGIF!


March was chock full of flat out uncertainty. COVID-19 had some wild impacts on my life that will be detailed in some upcoming posts, so stay tuned! The one thing that kept me pushing through all the craziness, is trust. Trusting that some things are plainly out of my control and all I can do is roll with the punches as they come. And that is how I was able to find PEACE! 


I am completely full of gratitude to be recognized as one of 19 recipients from my graduating class to receive the President’s Distinguished Service Award. I dreamt of having this honor bestowed upon me since the spring of 2017. It was almost stunning when I read the congratulatory email. I could not be more grateful that so many people believed I deserved this award. 


During March, I was inspired by the faculty and staff at Miami University that took the time to reach out to me and see how I was handling the crisis at hand, as they dealt with the same things personally. It meant more than they will ever know to get those simple texts that just asked, “How are you doing?” Professionals like that are what inspire me to best the best I can be on my path to becoming a Student Affairs Professional. 


With the Stay-At-Home Order firmly in place. It has never been more important to find joy in the little things. My favorite way to have fun these days is by getting knee-deep into some of the amazing television that is being aired right now. From comedies to dramas to documentaries; the content is seemingly endless. And, I love it! Some of my favorite during March were, Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, Little Fires Everywhere On Hulu, and Visible: Out On Television on AppleTV+. 

Can’t wait to continue catching up! I have some great entries on the way. Until then, find joy in the little things and TGIF! 

Photo: Miami University

Originally Published: April 28th, 2020

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