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First Friday's: October Edition!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Coming to you on October 30th, 2020, I am so glad to line my First Friday post up to the actual month! I want this to serve as a reminder to keep up your self-care, whatever that may look like. One form of self-care that I practice is this blog right here. First Friday posts are my attempt to take a moment to reflect on the last month and show gratitude for the growth I’ve made in the last month. How do you practice self-care? TGIF!


I want to take moment to talk about the way that I work. I try my best not to let things stress me out. Does that mean I don’t get stressed? No. What that means is when I do get stressed, I work really hard to combat those negative thoughts with positive affirmations. So, I’m going to affirm my trust in those positive thoughts. The conduct cases will be there, the homework will be there.


My kitchen skills are on point if I do say so myself. I just want to take moment to show gratitude for all my family and friends who have allowed me to cook for them, or learn from them in the kitchen. Speaking of self-care practices, cooking is another one for me!


The election is coming up in a few days and I am inspired by the insane amount of Americans who have stepped up and showed out in early/absentee voting for this year’s presidential election. Specifically in Texas, the early voting total of 2020 has surpassed the number of Texas votes cast in 2016. Read that again.


As you all know, Rasheed and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on September 10th, and in October we took a trip! We spent a weekend in Austin, Texas. It was a wonderful, fun time. I appreciated getting out of Fort Worth and into *anything* else. My favorite part was stumbling upon East Austin, which is steeped in a Black History that is full of pride. Shoutout to Sam’s Bar-B-Que which was hands down my favorite meal of the weekend!

Take time to rest, or your body will find it for you. ;) TGIF!

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