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Harry Style's Harry's House: Ranked, from least favorite to favorite

Harry’s House is an album mostly about nothing and I am very okay with that. Sometimes, it’s worth it to just release a project that’s about the music more than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, there are some deep themes found in a few of the songs like drug addiction in “As It Was”, family woes in “Matilda”, and men who just don’t get it in “Boyfriends.” But in my opinion, the best songs prioritized the music over the lyrics, and my top song had the perfect concoction of both.

Harry Styles’s third full-length album was released on May 19th and quickly took over Spotify/Apple Music Charts and critics heart’s alike. Harry’s House is also expected to nab the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 200 after breaking the record for modern-era vinyl sales with 146,000 sold in three days according to

It’s been about a week since the album dropped and I am ready to share my rankings! In my opinion, Harry’s House will definitely be among the best albums of the year. Keep in mind that this is not a playing order suggestion as full albums should be consumed in order to maintain their artistic integrity. Justice for track order!


13. Little Freak

Comparatively not as exciting as the other tracks. I’m glad we left songs that sound like this on Fine Line and Harry Styles. We love a switch-up.

12. Love Of My life

This song puts music and depth to the bittersweet moment that happens when you’re truly over a relationship. The equilibrium of appreciating the good times & freeing yourself from the visceral emotion of the bad times. When it’s all said and done, the love is still there. Tried and true, not much bite.

11. Matilda

Oh, if “beautiful gowns” was a song, it’s this one. I understand and appreciate the story and point of view: needing time away from your family after you feel slighted is a feeling known to many, but there’s not much else there. Also, the line, “you’re just in time, make your tea and your toast” makes my stomach cringe. Can’t explain it. I don’t know why. It just does.

10. Boyfriends

The album’s penultimate song underscored Harry’s ability to recount specific, intimate slices of life in his lyrics. While singing along, you might be singing about someone else or feeling attacked. Either way, you can’t deny the harmonies are beautiful!

9. Keep Driving

Now that all the sadboy songs have been accounted for, say you’re an interlude without saying you’re an interlude. The timing of this song was perfect. The lives lost to gun violence in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Laguna Woods, California continue to sit heavy on my heart. This song has reminded me that it’s fine to step away from it all for a moment and keep driving.

8. Grapejuice

Harry gives off crooner vibes of the century in this song. The vintage voicebox choice in the verses is the perfect example. How many listens did it take me to realize that “Grapejuice” was a euphemism for wine? Too many to count.

7. Daylight

First of all, who the hell doing coke in the kitchen? I sure hope they cleaned it up. Anywho, this song’s psychedelic verses start off a little slow but soon explode into a boisterous, lush chorus featuring a simple mix of electric guitar, synthesizers, and drums.

6. Daydreaming

John Mayer’s first electric guitar appearance on this album, fulfilling my fixation with white guys who play guitar. Did you know that this song includes a sample from an album Quincy Jones produced for The Brothers Johnson in 1978? Check out the source material here: Ain’t We Funkin’ Now - The Brothers Johnson

5. Cinema

John Mayer’s second and final electric guitar appearance. Harry Styles’ over funky beats is my favorite. He completely embodies the spirit of true infatuation and then turns it over to John Mayer, who shreds the last minute of this song.

4. Late Night Talking

Floating. The butterflies you feel for your significant other. Upbeat but still casual. So many positive ways to describe this song. I’m loving the “I just wanna make you happier” energy. This track is what love is all about!

3. As It Was

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Harry talked about how odd it was to see people dancing joyously to songs about his darkest moments. But even through laying on the floor dealing with whatever kinda pills he’s on, it’s me. I’m people.

2. Music for a Sushi Restaurant

The best way to open an album. This intoxicating song told me right away that this was the Harry Style’s album I’d been waiting for. I must shout out to Ivan Jackson for his work on the trumpet!! Lyrics like “scuba-duba-dubub-boo AHHH” will make this a great song to sing in the shower for ages. Extra points for definitely being a song you’d hear in a sushi restaurant.

1. Satellite

Blame this tragically beautiful song for turning me into a satellite for Harry. I’ll be patiently going round and round until he drops about another album like this! Satellite involves an incredible story with the sweetest, most pure message. One of the most gut-wrenching things we do as humans is allow our loved ones to work through their issues on their own. Whether it’s because their pushing you away or your keeping distance for your own good, sometimes that space is necessary. *Chef’s Kiss*

Have some opinions about my rankings? Let me know in the comments! Stream Harry Styles on Spotify and Apple Music. Find your favorite version of Harry’s House on vinyl here: Cover Photographed by: Maggie Moon, property of Columbia Records.

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Adrianna Parker
Adrianna Parker
May 27, 2022

So glad Satellite is someone else's number one! And I definitely agree with the "beautiful gowns" sentiment for Matilda lol.


Milana Yarbrough
Milana Yarbrough
May 27, 2022

I definitely enjoyed this post! It makes me want to listen to the album, again!


Rasheed Owens
Rasheed Owens
May 27, 2022

You really got into it here! " album mostly about nothing and I am very okay with that." The takes are pungent and very on par. Loved this post.

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