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About Jermaine Thomas, II

People say that your 20s are a space for exploration and discovery. Luckily, I got most of the exploration through my university years at Miami University. While I successfully explored Miami U, leaving as Greek Man of the Year and one of 16 presidentially distinguished student leaders, things got exciting after university! 


Exploration wasn’t quite over after Miami. I found myself giving my first go at a Master’s Degree at Texas Christian University, pushing Higher Education Leadership. And I quickly found out that was not my portion. So, it was time for a pivot! Frequently, pivoting occurs right before a breakthrough. 


That pivot helped me start my career in Chicago, beginning as an Admissions Officer at Columbia College Chicago. That started my journey back into the art and media space. I chose Columbia because it was an arts college. And I had a knack for connecting and supporting students who wanted to explore their art and expression (hint hint). 

After many restless days and nights exploring what my next steps would be. I discovered a strong magnetic pull around producing audio and visual projects. This pull helped me explore things like hosting the Durags and Degrees podcast series with 3 of my closest friends, finding comfort in documentaries & docu-series, and picking up a digital camera. 


Those three things lead me to my current iteration. I am pursuing a Master’s Degree at DePaul University in Digital Communications and Media Arts, practicing photography, and enjoying my marketing work focused on digital content strategy.    


What does all of this mean to you? Contact me for freelance brand/personal social media support. Scroll through the shop prints. Book me for a shoot or a podcast guest. Or say hello! Thanks for reading!  

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