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First Friday's: December - March Edition!

It’s been too long! December to February have been a huge whirlwind for me, and an enormous part of the reason I had to take a short break from “Mastering Me.” After I finished my first semester at Texas Christian University in M.Ed program, I felt something was extremely abnormal. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I’ve had some tough semesters in my life, and through them, I learned how to care for myself and understand my limits. Upon returning to TCU in January, I realized the university had pushed me well beyond my professional limits, so I decided to leave the program permanently. A huge step. A very large change from what I had planned. These last few months have been troublesome, but I’m learning more about myself and things that I like to enjoy and pursue. Looking forward to some fresh projects and new opportunities in the near future! Let’s get into this TGIF!


When you quit a job with nothing left to catch you, that’s nothing BUT trust. Right now, I’m putting trust in myself. I trust that I made the right decision to protect my mental and emotional state of mind by placing my needs above other matters. I trust that I will find a position that sustains me for the time being as I continue to grow into a fully realized human being. I trust that this was all in the plan for me, and as I continue to trust what the universe has in store for me, I will be just fine in the end.


Right now, I am grateful for my hobbies. Music, writing, TV/movies, and reading have really sustained me and kept me afloat for these last two months. I’ve found an extreme sense of comfort in the world of books, finally stretching my reading muscle and running through books like I never envisioned. (Sidenote for my bookworms, add me on Goodreads so we can share our journeys with each other :) My goal is for one of these hobbies to fulfill itself into a career. As of late, my mind is cooking up a bunch of different ways that I can turn my passions into a practical way to make money. If you have ideas let a brother know!


I’m inspired by my creativity. Without the weight of a soul-sucking job, I’ve had time to really dive into the depths of my being and let the creative juices flow freely. This time has inspired me to start workshopping my own radio show on Spotify and widdle down the specifics of this very blog. Due to this new thought, I’m going to start covering more topics surrounding pop culture and media; offering the news, as well as on my own opinion surrounding it right here on Mastering Me! When one door closes, another one opens! Cheers to new beginnings, again!


When I left TCU and had to clear out my on-campus apartment, I did not have the same funds to ship my things and then fly to my destination. So, what does one do? Drive!

I had such an awesome time driving across the country, from Fort Worth, Texas all the way to Cleveland, Ohio within a weekend. Whenever the thought of driving for more than 6 hours would pass through my mind, the gag was real. But to my surprise, this 20-hour road trip was everything! The key is to create fun of out it and add in stops that make the drive worth it! Personally, I stopped at the historic Little Rock Central High School, one of the first schools to be integrated in the ‘50s, the Gateway Arch in Missouri, and spent a few days in Chicago! Road trips are truly food for the soul.

Stay tuned to Mastering Me for some huge updates!

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