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First Friday's: July Edition!

Reflection time is here! We’re now past the midway point of 2020, and I for one cannot wait for this shamble of a year to pass over. Remember when we thought 2019 couldn’t get any worse? Well, 2020 has definitely entered the chat. Anyhow, we still have so many things to be grateful for, so let’s count them up!


As I am still in the first month of my move halfway across the country to the state of Texas, I am trusting in myself and believing that I got this position for a reason and I belong here. I’m being very intentional not overcompensating in an attempt to prove my worthiness. I know that when the time comes, I will do my job with the skill and precision of the jobs I’ve done in the past. And that is what matters, when the work speaks for itself.


I am outrageously grateful for this opportunity. It’s not every day that a black, gay man gets to go to graduate school at his top choice, with his top choice graduate assistantship for free with an abundance of perks. And I mean, abundance. Girl, don’t even get me started on this apartment.


In all honesty, I’m inspired by myself. Through these last months of my life, everything going on could have easily torn me to shreds. But thank God, I was and still am able to hold on and push through all of the mess the world hands me based simply on my identity. To all the people who have been marginalized, keep pushing. The world needs you.


I moved to Fort Worth. There has been nothing but fun these last two weeks getting to know a new, awesome group of people. These next two years are going to full of joy and laughter. Oh, and school, too. Definitely still going to be in school.

Until next time folks, keep being mindful and stay grateful!

Photo: Cameron Edwards

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