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First Friday's: June Edition

As we pull up on one full year of TGIF practice, I wanted to highlight the impact this monthly practice has had on my life. Taking time every month to give space to facets of my life that I am struggling with, grateful for, inspired by, and bring me joy has been pivotal. This practice has completely changed my world view and allows me to move with a heightened sense of appreciation for the simple things.


We all know that America is crumbling before our eyes. And we love to see it. So, I am deciding to trust what seems like a racial regression is going to work in favor of those who believe in anti-racism and the reform of America’s current police system. I am purposefully holding on to the fact that even though it seems like we’re back where we were before, in reality, we aren’t. We aren’t in the same place, because the education and information we gained from being here the last time, is still in our possession. We must be deliberate about engaging with the past and using it to fuel our future progress.


I am grateful to be able to spend one last month in Cleveland before I ship out to begin my Graduate Assistantship at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I try my best to live in the moment and be grateful for what’s right in front of me, not what’s on the way, or even behind me. Even though I’m moving across the country in less than a month, and that’s very exciting, I recognize how important it is to spend time with family here at this moment before I don’t have this same access to them.


Black Women. I am inspired by black women. That’s it. That’s the tweet.


Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Since I’ve been back in Cleveland, I’m glad that I have still been able to hop in the kitchen and have fun! Not negating the fact that cooking in other people’s kitchen is very weird, but we’re making it work. Stay tuned to my Instagram to check out some of my creations!

Remember to enjoy the small things, change is on the horizon. #TGIFPractice

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