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First Friday’s: October Edition!

Updated: May 3, 2020

AKA Second Friday’s: October Edition. Last weekend, I spent at Acropolis. Acropolis is an emerging leader retreat that Miami’s Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life offers annually. This year was my third year attending and my second year as a peer mentor! This trip is always a highlight of my academic year. It’s such a joy being able to lead conversations about making changes to better Miami’s Greek Community with the future leaders of Greek Life. 

This year, I was more than proud of NPHC for almost quadrupling the number of attendees for this year than my first year attending. In 2017, there were 4 NPHC representatives, in 2018, there were 8 NPHC representatives and this year we had a whopping 15 NPHC representatives! The power of representation was truly felt this weekend. Now on to the good stuff!


Application season is quickly approaching, and while I’ve done extensive research on many graduate programs across the country. For some reason, I feel like there are rocks that have been unturned. It’s an odd feeling of FOMO...but for graduate schools. Whenever I slip into this anxious place, I have to remind myself of a few things. 1. I’ve already found 2 wonderful schools that I’m going to apply to. 2. I still have a little bit of time to continue to research universities and programs. So basically, I must remind myself to trust my intuition and trust that God is leading me in the right direction. 


Man, oh, man. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this past weekend at Acropolis. Every year that retreat reminds me of why I went Greek but also reminds me how many great leaders Miami has and what they’re capable of. The connections that were built during the weekend were so genuine. I am so excited to see how collaboration and community skyrocket in the coming weeks. So much of the weekend was centered around inclusivity among all three councils (NPHC, IFC, and Panhellenic), and being on campus this week, I can see that those conversations were not left on the campsite! Interacting and mentoring is so close to my heart. I’m so grateful that so many young leaders reached out during and after the retreat to remind their mentors how much the weekend had impacted them in a positive way. It means more to us than they will ever know! 


Last week, Miami’s NPHC held our week of events for NPHC Week. As President, I placed the week completely in the hands of the council’s Vice President, my dear friend, Gabby. She honestly went above and beyond to create on the best NPHC Week’s this campus has ever seen. Watching Gabby work so hard to put out such an amazing product was beyond inspiring. Thank you, Gabby for all your hard work. You’re doing great, sweetie!


This one will be a little divergent from my regular fun, but I am quite enjoying my current group project. The course is entitled, Entrepreneurship (ESP) 321 - Startup Entrepreneurship. Anyone who knows me knows that the ESP department has been the bane of my Miami existence since the Spring 2019 semester, but my group for this course based on Scrum/Agile tactics has changed all of that. We scheduled a meeting from 8:15-10 pm and in this meeting, I laughed the hardest I ever have. This group of people is so much fun, and I realize now that fun and hard work can run in the same group! I’m in for a great semester with these folks! 

I don’t know about you all, but I am more than ready to take on October! Remember keep moving forward, no matter what! #TGIFpractice

Originally Posted: October 11th, 2019

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