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First Fridays: July Edition!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Happy Friday! I would like to start a little monthly tradition for this blog called “First Fridays”. In the vein of my ~favorite~ author Brené Brown, the first Friday of every month I will share my TGIF moments. TGIF stands for Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration, and Fun! 


In this space of being my whole self for everyone, I trust that those who love me unconditionally will continue to do so. I trust that I am still worthy of love and that I will be able to live just fine without those that do not love me unconditionally. I’m looking for that “because of” love, not that “in spite of” love. 


I am grateful for the weekend I got to spend with Connor! It was so great to have a piece of home in the East Bay. While spending 8 weeks at Berkeley is a great time, I miss the fully grown and matured relationships I have with all my friends and chosen family back at home. Hiking up a giant hill to the “Big C”, the Khalid concert and the SF PRIDE festival & parade were definitely the makings of a weekend to be grateful for. 


I am inspired by all my friends and acquaintances from all around that are using the summertime to continue moving forward. I have friends that are doing internships, taking extra classes, studying abroad, shadowing, and pursuing growth in whatever way they saw fit for themselves. 


For some reason, a lot of cities were having fireworks displays yesterday, on July 4th. Wasn’t exactly sure why, but I figured why not go into San Francisco and watch a display at Fisherman’s Wharf. It was quite entertaining. 

Happy July, and don’t forget to take a moment for self-reflection!

Originally Published: July 5th, 2019

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