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First Friday’s: January Edition!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Catch up time, no? These last two months have been an absolute whirlwind. November and December were full of fun, stress, and not too much downtime. I am glad to share that I am now halfway completed with my senior year at Miami University! This past fall semester was nothing short of a struggle, however. Definitely the opposite of what I expected from the first half of my senior year! But, everything doesn’t go as planned, right?


Every day, I think more and more about Graduation Day. But, the daydreams aren’t all rainbows and roses. As exciting as Graduation Day is going to be, isn’t it human to think of the other side of the coin as well? The other side of the coin I’m speaking of specifically is the thought of my core friend group being strewn about across the country. All six of us have very different paths ahead, and who knows where they will lead us... Nevertheless, I’m making it a point right now to trust that no matter where we end up, our bond will remain. 


As I write this post from my Burbank apartment for the month, I can’t help but be grateful to my future alma mater, Miami University of Ohio. Miami has given me so many wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunities. Including the one that I’m currently participating in called “Inside Hollywood”. A three-week immersive experience on location in Los Angeles, California. The trip focuses on film and TV production, with two weeks of company visits with staff from shows like; Jeopardy (Yes, I met Alex Trebek and we made eye contact), Wheel of Fortune, How to Get Away with Murder and the hood classic, Flavor of Love, complete with a shadowing experience for the last week. Most people have to take their capstone in a classroom, but I’m extraordinarily grateful that mine is in sunny Los Angeles. 


Having the chance to sit down and meet with all of these different people in Hollywood and throughout the Greater LA area, I am greatly inspired by their stories. A bulk of them came out to LA with limited everything. From limited friends all the way down to limited funds. But now they own successful freelance production companies, are VP’s for top creative design agencies, and have won Emmy’s. There is nothing more inspiring than folks who at one time walked the same hollowed hallways at Miami University and are now living their dreams in real-time. 


Los Angeles. That’s the fun. Honestly, this city is everything I expected. But, I am still waiting on this traffic everyone seems to speak of. I haven’t come across it yet, and would like to keep it that way! Week one is down and I’m very much looking forward to the next 2! 

Signing off from my first post of the new decade, wishing you a bountiful 2020! And remember to keep up the #TGIFpractice. Chat soon. 

Photo: Jeopardy

Originally Posted: January 10th, 2019

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