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First Fridays: August Edition!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hey there! It’s the first Friday of August, and that inherently means it’s time for another group of TGIF moments! *Even though, at this point, it’s the first Saturday… but we’ll let that one go. :)


As I go into the last couple weeks of summer leading into my senior year of college at Miami University of Ohio, I trust that what’s for me will be for me. One of my favorite mantras is, “comparison is the thief of all joy”. Not only does keeping that in mind keep me from wondering why I’m not in the same places as some of my peers, whether it be financially, mentally, or physically, it also keeps me sane because I’ve grasped the skill of how to truly be happy for those around me when great things happen for them. My good things will come along, and they aren’t the good things that we’re destined to happen to anyone else. 


This time around, I am grateful for my dad, Jermaine Sr. and his soon to be wife, Felicia whose big day is tomorrow, August 3rd. Felicia and my father have been utterly, and completely supportive of me throughout these last few months. I’m grateful for the wholehearted and authentic conversations we’ve been able to have over the years, too. They’ve taught me how to respectfully voice my opinion kindly and clearly in a way that opens the floor up for dissonance. And dissonance is required for growth if you ask me. 


This fine Friday, I am inspired by all those folks out there who have planned and executed a successful wedding & reception ceremony. Because I mean… whew. 


Following the wedding theme that we’re on, I am quite excited for the ceremony and reception tomorrow. Just being around family and friends, the joy will be contagious. And I’m a cry baby, so I have to be sure to pack my kleenex in my tuxedo jacket. Sounds fun, right? 

Remember to be thankful for the little things! #TGIFpractice

Happy August!

Originally Published: August 3rd, 2019

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